Repressurise Boiler

We can repressurise your boiler

Need someone to repressurise your boiler? Many combination boilers and other types of condensing boiler are now installed as part of a pressurised system. Repressurising a boiler requires raising the boiler pressure (which may showing boiler low pressure) to the correct operating pressure for your particular make and model of your boiler. The instruction manual which came with your boiler will explain how to repressurise your combi boiler.

Be careful not to overpressurise your boiler, if you see boiler high pressure shut off your boiler immediately as permanent damage may be done to your boiler running it at the incorrect pressure if the emergency valves fail to function.

You will need to locate the filling loop and filling key. When your boiler was installed, the engineer will have pointed these out. If you can’t find the filling key you will be able to order one from your boiler manufacturer, they normally keep this in stock and it should be delivered within 14 days.

If you are unable to locate the filling loop, filling key, manufacturers instructions or just prefer for a qualified boiler repair engineer to repressurise your boiler, feel free to give us a call.

Boiler Losing Pressure

If you are regularly having to repressurise your boiler this indicates there may be a leak on the system, if the boiler is losing pressure but there is no leak, then you may have a more serious boiler fault.

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